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LG UPLUS TVG TV생활이 새로워진다

[U+ tvG] 세계 최초 Woofer IPTV_영화편

이제 입체 Woofer 사운드로 완벽한 감동을 즐긴다
두 개의 우퍼와 4개의 스피커까지 유플러스IPTV와 하나로!
진짜 그대로를 보고 진짜 그대로를 듣는다
세계 최초로 이 모든것이 가능한 유플러스 tvG Woofer
오직 유플러스에서만!

Unboxing LG SoundPlate™ LAP240

This video is about Unboxing LG Soundplate LAP240.

LG's SoundPlate™ can be easily installed and connected to TVs of many sizes or as I will use it as a great sound system for my computer, providing 4.1 channel surround sound with built-in dual subwoofers. It is designed to help you experience the ultimate in sound quality.
Matthew Baer : i can connect it to win 10 but It shows as disconnected in the speaker control panel
any ideas?
Rafael Caldinho : Como puedo borrar la contraseña o pin para poder conectar a mi cel




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